Why hello Nokia, we can see you've lost a few buttons and gussied yourself up with a new version of MeeGo. Very nice. That new outfit is a one-off affair, you say? Not to be repeated? We're a little sorry to hear that, although we have to admit -- those metro threads don't look half bad on you either. We wonder what your adoring public will think? Shall we ask? Yes, let's.
Nokia N9: are you buying one?
Yes, I'm hoping Elop will have a change of heart and keep MeeGo alive18522 (23.3%)
Nope, but I'll be getting its Windows Phone cousin, the Sea Ray11554 (14.5%)
I was going to, but MeeGo is halfway in the grave, and I feel like I'd be wasting my time. 11259 (14.1%)
No way, the loss of front facing buttons is just too much for me. I hate change.1105 (1.4%)
I'm too deep in another mobile OS to change now. I'm sticking to iOS / Android / BlackBerry OS / WebOS33303 (41.9%)
I'm actually waiting to see what all of my closest friends do.3831 (4.8%)

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