Hey, remember 2010? Lady Gaga was all over the radio and all the kids were crazy excited about the upcoming Deathly Hallows movie. And then there was Froyo -- it was never designed to be a tablet OS, but manufacturers defiantly went against Google's wishes. EAFT is carrying that torch with the MagicTile Marathon, a 10 inch tablet doesn't look too bad from a hardware perspective, with a Tegra 2 chip, 3G, 1080p video, and an HDMI port. The whole Android 2.2 thing makes the tablet seem downright archaic, however. Interested parties can pick the tablet for Rs. 26,999 (around $607) at launch and Rs. 29,990 (around $675) later. We hear it's great for watching your favorite Charlie Sheen episodes of Two and a Half Men.