Most MMOs released in the US get a Teen label slapped on the front of the box, and for good reason. MMOs generally aim at players heading in to college or older, with a certain degree of assumed maturity in the setting and language used. But that's by no means the only target age group -- games such as Wizard101, Free Realms, and Clone Wars Adventures all target a much younger age bracket, aiming squarely at the pre-teen crowd while still offering a solid play experience.

For some players, of course, playing in a brightly-colored world can feel like a step backwards. For other players, the idea of enjoying a simple light-hearted romp is to be celebrated, which is why there's no shortage of adult players in Wizard101. Or perhaps you want a game that you can play with your child, and you don't feel comfortable exposing your youngster to the environment of a game like RIFT. So today we ask -- would you be willing to play a game aimed at children?

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Betawatch: July 15-21, 2011