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Netflix officially separates DVD, streaming pricing; $15.98 and up for both
New Netflix, NBCUniversal deal announced; extra $6 a month buys some old eps of The Event
Editorial: Netflix was too cheap before, but now it's just wrong
Shaw Cable's Netflix competitor bypasses bandwidth caps on its way to the TV
CNN starts streaming 24 hours of 'news' online and on your iPhone
Star Wars Blu-ray extras revealed early by iOS app launching at Comic-Con
Warner posts The Dark Knight Rises trailer, we're already waiting for it on Blu-ray
Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-ray combo arrives October 18th in two, five or 15 disc sets
Best Buy Insignia cTV with DVR-less TiVo built-in launches July 31st
TiVo app jumps from iPad to iPhone, adds support for Series3 and HD DVRs
New DirecTiVo launch may not come until later this year
Four tuner firmware update for Cisco Tuning Adapters rolling out
Hauppauge USB CableCARD tuner announced on Facebook, ships later this month for $129
Must See HDTV (July 18th - 24th)

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