Unless, that is, you are able to believe the premise that it looks exactly like Fruit Ninja. In that case, it's actually pretty believable. What a relief that Halfbrick stuck to the formula of cutting fruit with a sword, instead of going into some kind of Facebook-style fruit dojo management sim.

MTV Multiplayer got exclusive video footage and details of Fruit Ninja Frenzy, the Facebook-bound version of Halfbrick's absurdly popular fruit-slicing game, which you can see after the break. Frenzy is essentially Fruit Ninja's 60-second "arcade mode" with the addition of power-up "smoothies." You can choose one at the start of each round, from a list including "Extra Time" which gives you 7 additional seconds, "Spirit Bombs" which neutralizes bombs, and "Mega Freeze" which doubles the number of fruits that appear after a "Freeze" banana.

Optionally, you can increase the number of "smoothie" slots per round with microtransactions, because Facebook.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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