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It's Monday, and we're still here to help by letting you peek into the recording booth when the Engadget HD podcast goes to mp3 at 5:30PM. We finally managed to find our regular time on our regular day, but at this point is there even such a thing? So take a peek at the live stream, chat and list of topics after the break.

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More DirecTV Nomad info uncovered, but details are still fuzzy
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Google TV coming to the UK within six months
Google remains committed to TV business, expects more partners soon
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Apple stops renting TV shows in iTunes, could be working on a new kind of video service
ATSC commences 3DTV standard development, better get your glasses ready
Microsoft confirms 3D support in Halo: CE remake for Xbox 360
Xbox 360's ESPN3 app updated with more voice control, split screen and more
Digital Projection debuts new native ultrawidescreen projector
Sony's AR tool lets you put big screens in small apartments (video)
Must See HDTV (August 29th - September 4th)

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