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Iceland gets a data center to call its own, still believes in fairies


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You say Iceland, we immediately think Eyjafjallajokull -- and no, we haven't had a narcoleptic collapse upon these very keys. It's been over a year since that volcano swept the headlines and interrupted air travel, providing outsiders with a skewed perception of the country's geological constancy. Well, haters prepare to get served, because Verne Global is setting up data center shop in the homeland of a certain swan-wearing pop pixie, and leveraging the abundance of renewable resources at the ready. To do this, the company's contracted UK-based Colt Group to build the separate pieces of its planned data center and put'em all together on the site of a former NATO base -- chosen for its apparent stability. The location is ideal in that the region's naturally cool climate'll keep server temperatures down, in addition to providing the center with cheap hydroelectric and geothermal energy. Expect the data farm to be up and running in Keflavik this October when it's scheduled to be completed -- with the blessing of the little people, naturally.

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