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Microsoft announces new $10 Zune Music Pass, expands service to Canada


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It may not enjoy quite the same level of buzz that the likes of Spotify, Rdio and MOG have been basking in lately, but Microsoft's Zune service is still kicking, and the company's now working to make it a bit more appealing and more widely available. For folks in the US, the big change today is a new $10 per month Zune Music Pass, which is identical to the existing $15 service with the notable exception that you no longer get to keep ten free MP3s each month (that $15 option remains available to existing subscribers, though). Elsewhere, Microsoft has also now finally brought the Zune Marketplace and Zune Pass to Canada -- it opens up on October 3rd, with the Zune Pass running the same $10/month (or $100 for a year of service).

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