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Android on HP TouchPad: yes, there's an app for that (video)


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TouchPad firesale hysteria may have finally died down, but those of you with newly acquired HP slates should pay attention. A poster by the name of Chomper has uploaded a walkthrough of Android running atop webOS. Yes, you may have seen that particular feat before, but this time 'round the appropriated Google OS gets the emulated treatment. The mobile platform, installed via an .ipk, is accessible as an app and appears to run somewhat smoothly, although certain tics become noticeable when switching between homescreens or attempting to playback YouTube video. Audio and multi-touch have both yet to be successfully implemented in this rogue use of Android, and there's also a pesky power off issue that requires a hard reset of the system. Still, it's good to see the dev community doing what it does best, and inching us ever closer to a Rubin afterlife on HP's deceased tab. Skip past the break for a silent video tour.

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