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Feats Per Minute record playing bike helps you kickstand out the jams (video)

Brian Heater

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If you're like us, you spend most of your waking hours attempting to figure out a way to enjoy your vinyl collection on the go. Feats Per Minute offers a simple and handy solution, incorporating a turntable onto the rear wheel of a bicycle -- you spin the record player as you ride, and the sound plays out of an old timey horn on the back. There were a few obstacles to overcome: like getting the record to play vertically and making sure the needle skips as little as possible while riding the thing. As evidenced in the video below, the team managed to overcome these problems. However, you have to maintain a constant pace if you want the record to play right, of course -- and as for the record itself, we recommend staying away from, say, that mint condition copy of The Velvet Underground's first LP. It may not travel well.

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