Star Wars Galaxies - YT2400 cockpit
Sony Online Entertainment continues to twist the knife update Star Wars Galaxies despite the fact that it's closing down in less than a month. The latest patch brings the annual Wookiee Life Day celebration back to the live servers.

Interestingly -- or perhaps, maddeningly -- the update also adds the ability for ground-based avatars to engage starships maneuvering in planetary atmosphere (and vice versa). If you've ever wanted to mow down a column of stormtroopers with the business end of your X-Wing's laser cannons, now's your chance. It might take a few practice runs, though, as SOE's patch notes indicate that ground-based suits of armor can mitigate ship gun damage.

In any event, you've got a little over three weeks to try it out, and you can read the full patch notes on the official SWG forums.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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