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Man illuminates electromagnetic waves using coffee cans and LEDs, Christmas-colored science ensues


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Electromagnetic radiation is all around us, but we're largely unaware that our bodies are constantly bathed in waves of the stuff because our eyes aren't equipped to see most of it. Dr. Gregory Chavat decided to give us a glimpse of an EM waveform, however, by using a coffee can radar system, a couple of LEDs, and long-exposure photography. The setup consisted of a radar emitter made out of one coffee can and a second can with a couple of LEDs attached to serve as a tethered receiver antenna. Those LEDs were then set to that light up red or green to illuminate the EM wave peaks and valleys. By moving the receiver closer and further away from the emitter while taking a long exposure photo, the good doctor was able to capture the wavefront radiating on film, and let you see the unseen with a bit of Christmas-colored flair. Check the video below for a fuller explanation, and hit the more coverage link to learn how to build a coffee-can radar and perform some basement black magic yourself.

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