Age of Wushu shows off a documentary from its Chinese testing tour

Not pictured: attacking by leaping between treetops.
If you're a potential player in America, it's Age of Wushu. If you're in Europe or China, it's Age of Wulin. Wherever you're located, it's an upcoming free-to-play game focusing on wuxia-style combat in the same style as Chinese action films. And if you can't wait to see more of the game in action, you're in luck -- Snail Games USA has released a new documentary on the game focusing on its seven-city testing tour in China last year.

The documentary mixes in developer presentations, player impressions, and some live gameplay footage from this large-scale beta event, all of which combine to paint a picture of the game as it continues development. The full documentary is 15 minutes long and embedded just after the cut, so if you can't wait to see more of the game, check it out and keep your eyes peeled for more updates as the game approaches localization and launch.

This article was originally published on Massively.