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RB3D develops Hercule robotic exoskeleton, boosts strength without P90X

Billy Steele

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Sure, some folks could use a little extra help maneuvering in order to complete daily chores. But what about help with all of that heavy lifting? The folks at RB3D in France have been working with the French Directorate General of Armaments (DGA), ESME Sudria and CES LIST to develop a robotic exoskeleton that will aid in doing just that. Hercule, the aforementioned cobot-esque (collaborative robot) prototype, doesn't require any special training or skills to use. A person needing extra strength to carry that crate of supplies just wears the device and goes about his or her business with the added support of the exosuit. This particular model is powered electrically and will last about 20km (about 12.5 miles) if movement is kept at a regular walking pace. Weight limits, you ask? The Hercule boasts a carrying capacity of 100kg (220lbs) -- more than HAL tech we've seen in aiding travelers in the past. Military and civil customers could get their hands on these as early as 2014, but for now, jump past the break for a look at one in action.

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