Today is the day many have been patiently, or not so patiently, waiting for. The new iPad saunters onto shelves around much of the globe, and into the sweaty palms of the "gotta-have-its." So, were you dazzled by that display? Or tempted by the LTE and new graphics chip? Maybe you're upgrading, or treating the partner (by treating yourself)? Perhaps you were hoping for the rumored smaller device, or just gotta have something Android. Whatever camp you fall into we want to know about it, tell us via the poll below!
The new iPad: are you buying one?
Already got it!19951 (20.3%)
Yes, I'm upgrading from the original iPad / iPad29550 (9.7%)
I'm gonna take a look in-store first.20783 (21.2%)
Nah, I'm more interested in an Android slate.30890 (31.5%)
Tablets? Not for me thanks!16979 (17.3%)

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