Oh the thrill of seeing a familiar face. No, not the Nokia Lumia 900, which made an appearance in several forms at the Windows Phone event in New York City's Bryant Park today, but Kourtney Kardashian, who drew crowds to the Free-Time Machine -- that fled just as quickly as they arrived. The reality TV star far overshadowed the Windows Phone experience, which is on display in several cities across the US today. New Yorkers can visit Bryant or Madison Square Parks for a chance to flick through some Metro tiles on a Lumia 900, and play to win gift certificates and other prizes -- and in the case of one ecstatic youngster, a day with the above-mentioned celebrity and a $5,000 gift certificate. There were also a few smartphone giveaways on order, along with some "free time" prizes, like a dog walker gift certificate or a chance to skip the line (saving "60 minutes") at the city's Shake Shack burger joint. This isn't the first time we've seen an oversized Windows Phone drop by Manhattan, and it's probably not the last. Jump past the break for a peek at the phone, and the Kardashian.
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Windows Phone Free-Time Machine hands-on



Windows Phone Free-Time Machine draws curious New Yorkers, one Kourtney Kardashian (video)