When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is WWDC.

When Tim Cook takes the stage and introduces new products and roadmaps, what announcements are you looking forward to most? Are you a hardware person? Or is the software what you're waiting to hear about?

You tell us. Place your vote in this poll and then join in the comments with all your analysis.

What WWDC announcement are you looking forward to most?
iOS 6833 (38.4%)
Mountain Lion161 (7.4%)
New MacBook hardware576 (26.5%)
OS X and iOS Roadmap195 (9.0%)
Wireless 802.11ac37 (1.7%)
Cinema Displays the size of an elephant44 (2.0%)
Something -- anything -- Mac Pro related216 (9.9%)
New Android release41 (1.9%)
Something else. I'll tell you in the comments.69 (3.2%)

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