This thing is going to be an awkard fit for the Defiant's shuttlebay.
At times, playing Star Trek Online can feel like the strangest possible variant on Pokémon as you shuffle duty officers. The development team has worked on several methods to help players acquire new duty officers and find more uses for existing specializations, and the latest developer blog paints the new Reinforcements Pack as the culmination of several lessons. It's certain to contain officers from existing species with a familiar distribution of rarities, but these new officers are meant to add a little more spice to the system.

Each of the officers acquired from the new pack will have alternative active roster abilities, resulting in a grand total of 13 new abilities across 11 specializations. New abilities will also be added to officers without active abilities across the game, even non-pack officers. The Reinforcements Pack also contains other rewards, including a chance at a civilian cargo hauler that functions akin to a shuttle with merchants, bank access, and crafting stations. It's certainly a tantalizing potential reward for regular players -- and the new officers that come along won't go unused either.

This article was originally published on Massively.