Company of Heroes 2 wants to remind you of World War 2's Russian casualties

Company of Heroes 2 wants to remind you that at least 11 million Russians died in World War 2

War is hell, and it never changes, as we've been repeatedly told by video games. Company of Heroes 2, however, isn't about a fictional future proxy war or some such – it's about the Russian front during World War 2. It's about firing on your own soldiers who were terrified enough to retreat. It's about being handed ammo without a gun because there isn't enough money to afford the luxury of both guns and ammunition, and being told to grab a gun from one of your fallen comrades when you get a chance.

In case it weren't clear, the trailer above for Company of Heroes 2 attempts to elucidate that reality – a reality you'll be carefully navigating come next year when the game launches on PC.%Gallery-159400%

This article was originally published on Joystiq.