Heroes of Newerth
The free-to-play fantasy MOBA Heroes of Newerth just got a little more free. Starting tomorrow, all of the heroes in the game will be free to everyone. S2 Games has announced that the entire pool of 107 heroes will be unlocked for play all the time when patch 2.6.11, aptly dubbed All Heroes Free, goes live on July 20th. This new system replaces the current one in which the pool of 16 free heroes rotate weekly.

Players who purchased a released hero within 15 days of the patch's launch will receive a refund. In addition, any player who has ever purchased a hero with real-world currency will receive an exclusive new super robot avatar, Mecha Gemini. Legacy players will also be rewarded for their loyalty by earning more rewards for each match played.

[Source S2 Games press release]

This article was originally published on Massively.
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