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Huawei 1H 2012: profits dropped 22 percent, still made $1.37 billion


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Huawei's financial figures for the first six months of 2012 reveal that the Chinese behemoth brought in turnover of 102.7 billion yuan ($16.08 billion), making a profit of 8.79 billion yuan ($1.37 billion). That's not exactly bad news, but the figure is 22 percent smaller than the same period last year -- leading the company to blame the drop on the global economy and saying that the telecoms business is a "significant challenge." It humbly bragged that it had deployed 38 of the 80 commercial LTE networks worldwide and that the upstart now held over 12 percent of the Chinese smartphone market. It also claimed that the Ascend P1 and Ascend D1 had become bestselling handsets in China, Western Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada -- which might have prompted CFO Ms. Meng Wanzhou to be "optimistic" about the company's performance in the second half of the year.

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