Capcom media megapost: Resident Evil 6, Lost Planet 3, Remember Me and more

Capcom trailer and gallery megapost Lost Planet 3, Remember Me, RE6 and more

Capcom just left a massive pile of trailers and screenshots on our doorstep, and rather than breaking them down into a bunch of tiny, annoying posts, we figured it'd be more convenient for you at home to bunch them all together into one big cornucopia of media consumables. Mediumables, if you will.

Above and below, you'll find a gameplay trailer of Remember Me, as well as a corresponding gallery. Then, after the break, you'll find trailers and screenshots from pretty much everything else Capcom has going on for a while: Lost Planet 3, DmC: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 6, Street Fighter X Tekken Vita, Okami HD and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD.%Gallery-162365% Lost Planet 3:

%Gallery-162351%DmC: Devil May Cry:

%Gallery-162361%Resident Evil 6:

%Gallery-162360%Street Fighter X Tekken Vita:

%Gallery-162363%Okami HD:

%Gallery-162356%Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD:


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