Vita firmware 1.80 adds optional touch controls for PSP games

Vita firmware 180 lets you play PSP games with touchscreen
Vita firmware 1.80 adds button controls to the main menu (finally!), and, in an ironic twist, also adds touchscreen controls to PlayStation Portable games. You can voluntarily play games with the touchscreen that were designed for buttons! Of course, more choice is always preferable to less, so enjoy experimenting with this new option if you want.

You can find the option while playing any PSP game by holding down on the screen for a few seconds. The new functionality allows you to set any corner of the screen as any PSP button. See for yourself in our gallery – which, yes, is photographs of the Vita screen. You still can't take screenshots of PSP games on the Vita. (Ed. note: Seriously?!)%Gallery-163510%

This article was originally published on Joystiq.