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Spotify comes to Denon and Marantz receivers, shares music over NFC

Jon Fingas , @jonfingas

Spotify didn't want to leave all the spotlight time to phone manufacturers today. To start, it's widening its toehold in the living room: three Denon AV receivers and four Marantz counterparts now have support for streaming Spotify Premium music through respective firmware updates, with control coming either through the on-device screen or through Denon's mobile remote app. You're not necessarily left out if you have no compatible home theater to call your own, however. As long as you have a device with at least Android 4.0, an update to the Spotify app will let you apply audio effects or share Premium music between NFC devices through a tap. All of the updates are free -- just know that you'll need Spotify's full $10 per month subscription to grease the wheels. Check the source links for the supported receivers and app updates.