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Sony Alpha A99 poses for someone else's camera, no optical viewfinder in sight


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Technical details of Sony's rumored Alpha A99 have been overflowing. The actual camera, however, has been elusive until now. A press photo just spotted on Xitek (and passed along to Sony Alpha Rumors) is believed to be authentic and speaks volumes about Sony's pro camera strategy: as shown, there's no obvious space for an optical viewfinder, hinting that the company's full-frame shooter is going with an OLED-based electronic eyepiece like that of its crop-frame A77 precursor. The image doesn't show much more than that and a conspicuous orange ring to remind us that we're gazing upon an Alpha, but it's tough to ignore that more compact (and hopefully lighter) body. Whatever the cosmetics are like, rumors now assert that the 24.3-megapixel, translucent-mirrored A99's early September release has been locked down to September 12th; if that's true, it may give photographers as much reason to be happy that day as phone buyers.

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