Champions Online previews the upcoming vehicle system

Never purchase or attempt to steal a vehicle too small to ride.
Being able to fly is all well and good, but why fly through the skies unaided when you could sit safely inside the chassis of a heavily armored warplane? That's the idea behind the new vehicle system coming to Champions Online later this week, which will offer players a variety of new rides and ways to enhance those same rides. After all, you deserve to give your legs a rest. Or your arms. Or whatever muscle you flex to fly with no visible means of propulsion.

The vehicle system will start off by offering players just two choices -- jets and hovertanks -- but more will be available in the future. Each vehicle chassis offers a certain set of base stats, which can be further improved by slotting in vehicle equipment from the new vehicle missions. Players can also apply a variety of skins to each vehicle chassis, ensuring that you can make the ride feel unique even around your friends with a similar machine.
This article was originally published on Massively.