What should you be able to buy using your Battle.net balance?

What should you be able to buy using your Battlenet balance
If you have a lot of money on your Battle.net balance, you'll be happy to know that Blizzard is working on letting you do more with it. Right now, if you wanted to buy the Cinder Kitten that went on sale for Hurricane Sandy relief, you could not use your Battle.net balance, but that's something Blizzard is working on changing.

Using Battle.net Balance for more goods and services is certainly something we're working toward. We're kind of in an in-between stage where we have some services working together but not others, and unfortunately it's just not a simple thing to get as many systems and platforms (some dating back to the original release of WoW) as we have updated and integrated into a more cohesive experience. We'll get there though, and in the meantime I do apologize you weren't able to get the Cinder Kitten yet using Battle.net Balance.

This is pretty cool all told, in my opinion. I have five bucks on my Battle.net balance from selling items in Diablo III (I never claimed to be some kind of D3 magnate) and I wouldn't mind using it for something like this.

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This article was originally published on WoW Insider.