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First proposed Android OS mascots see the light of day, give you the crazy eye

Alexis Santos

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Just before Page and Co. officially took the wraps off of Android in 2007, Googler Dan Morrill was getting ready to introduce the OS to a larger swath of developers in Mountain View. In an effort to spice up his presentation to devs, Morrill drew up a gang of bots while taking a brief respite, creating what he believes were the first proposed mascots for Android. The rowdy bunch may be a far cry from the avocado-hued droid we've come to know and turn into figurines, but the "Dandroids" enjoyed a small measure of popularity within Google before Bugdroid took the limelight. Their creator unearthed the image files while cleaning up a NAS and has slung them up on Google+ for all to see. Take a gander at the adjacent gallery or jab the neighboring source link to catch a glimpse of the other bots.

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