Pentax Optio LS465 handson a pointandshoot with customizable skins, compact formfactor

Another point and shoot arrives at CES from Pentax and this one trades a restrained design for one that's all your own. While the 16-megapixel Optio LS465 arrives in black, pink, purple color options, they also come with customizable skins. Essentially the skins just just paper inserts that fit under a removable clear plastic cover. You just twist the ring around the lens and off it comes. It can also capture video at 720p, while ISO levels can be cranked up to 6400. The Optio LS465's f/3.9-6.3 lens is capable of up to 5x optical zoom, while a combined 36x is possible with digital zoom. The camera has a 2.1-second start-up time and there's output ports for USB and AV-out. Check out the galleries below for a bit more.

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Pentax Optio LS465 announced

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Pentax Optio LS465 hands-on

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Terrence O'Brien contributed to this report.