ArcheAge videos offer glimpses of crafting, questing, and undead
ArcheAge is launching in Korea this week, and Steparu has been spending a lot of time in the game's open beta exploring crafting, trading, questing, and even running afoul of pirates and farming bots. Questing appears to be the fastest way to level through XLGAMES' new sandpark, but plenty of XP can also be gained by tradeskilling, mining, farming, exploration, and more. Speaking of tradeskills, players have multiple chances to crit on their equipment when crafting, which can raise the quality of the resulting item or its level. Even equipped armor can be reforged and upgraded.

As usual, Steparu also provides readers with a number of video highlight clips. Check out some battles with the undead in the dark of night and take a look at upgrading your armor through crafting in the clips after the break.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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