WoW tabards

We've definitely touched on the subject of Tabards before. They're like the Tribbles of WoW, overcrowding our bags and multiplying with every expansion like there's no tomorrow. A massive Tabard collection is quite the feat, but let's face it, wouldn't you like to use the thirty-something bag spaces for other items?

We see questions revolving around these little inventory invaders almost every day: Will Blizzard give us some way to store our Tabards?

Well, Ghostcrawler has something to say about it:

Let's be real, some kind of Tabard storage has been in the plan for a while now ... at least two years. Of course, there are a ton of potential solutions to this problem, and none of them should be a rush job -- a Tabard bag? An interface similar to the mount list? Most players would probably prefer a UI solution instead of yet another bag to manage, so let's cross our fingers.

How do you think Blizzard should solve this?

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.