Normally as February and March roll around, our minds start drifting towards iPads and OS X. Until this past year, when Apple seemed to reset its iPad clock in October, we saw new hardware ticking by each Spring. Late Winter is also usually the time we hear the first meows of Apple's newest OS X cat.

So what about this year?

With iPad shifting to pre-Christmas updates, will we see a refresh? And with Federighi spearheading a joint iOS/OS X restructuring, have we seen the last of the felines? Is it time for OS Xi? Will this be the year that Apple moves past traditional OS X and AppKit and introduces a grand unified operating system along the lines introduced by Steve Jobs in October 2011?

You tell us. Join in these polls and then share your thoughts in the comments.

Will we see any iPad-specific events this Spring?
Nope. Apple's moved to Autumn iPad updates386 (25.3%)
They had a 6-month refresh last year. Why not this year?457 (29.9%)
We may see software updates (like a new version of iBooks Author) but don't hold your breath for new hardware253 (16.6%)
We're going to see something new in the iOS family, but not iPads263 (17.2%)
Peanut Butter151 (9.9%)
Something else. I'll explain in the comments18 (1.2%)

What\'s going to happen with OS X this spring?
Same as always. OS X 10.9 Smilodon beta in the Spring, released for sale late this year427 (32.5%)
Give Federighi some time. 10.9 or 11.0, Apple needs to clean and re-engineer thoughtfully. Why not skip a year?230 (17.5%)
10.9 this year, but an OS X/Xi road map announced this Spring or Summer434 (33.1%)
New hardware, no new OS123 (9.4%)
Jelly86 (6.6%)
Something else. Details in the comment12 (0.9%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.