The MacBook Pro has always represented the best of business computing. With its powerful processors, superb screen sizes, and now Retina display, it's the belle of Apple's showroom.

The MBP with Retina display has had a rougher time of things, however, than the standard-issue debutante. Screen ghosting, heat problems, battery deficiencies, and UI lags, this past year has been anything but magical for Apple's flagship business product.

What are your thoughts on the rMBP? Best thing Apple has ever made? Or a problematic product with growing pains? Join in this poll and then share your comments explaining your thoughts.

What do you think of the MacBook Pro Retina
I know everyone else is complaining but I love mine, exactly as is. I'll give you my rMBP when you rip it from my cold dead fingers.2056 (48.8%)
I must say that since I've gotten my screen replaced I love my machine172 (4.1%)
A lot of the issues people are experiencing are Mountain Lion issues, not specifically rMBP issues.145 (3.4%)
It was rushed to market. Can't wait for the next generation, though813 (19.3%)
It's a bit crap. Even worse than Apple's routine v1.0 teething troubles168 (4.0%)
This would never have shipped in this condition if Steve were still around.380 (9.0%)
Something else. I'll explain in the comments.476 (11.3%)

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