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Detune's Korg M01D for Nintendo 3DS sparks nostalgia, lands in May (video)

James Trew , @itstrew

This isn't the first time a Korg synth has been re-imagined in software form, it's not even the first (or second) time on Nintendo's DS. But, when Detune releases its M01D for the handheld console, it'll spark more than a little nostalgia for synth enthusiasts. Why? Because it's heavily inspired by Korg's legendary M1 synth, complete with all its sounds (and yes, the famous piano patch included), plus some new ones thrown in for good measure. The DS version includes a step sequencer (eight tracks with up to 64 steps per sequence) that you can compile together in "scenes." Borrowing from other parts of the Korg family, the M01D app also offers a KAOSS mode, too, no doubt using one of those screens serving as the touchpad. You can preserve your creativity by saving to SD card, or the usual internet sharing options, and heck there's even a 3D viewing mode too. Lordy! How that will actually look, we don't know, or at least we won't until its May release in Japan, before reaching the rest of the world in Summer.

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