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MightyText web app lets you sync photos, videos from Android to PC

Brad Molen

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Ever since its official introduction two years ago, MightyText has seemed to expand its laundry list of features on an annual basis. Today is no exception, as the company is now adding "iCloud-like" syncing to its web app. As a refresher, MightyText acts as a client that syncs information between your computer and your Android device, giving you the ability to read and send SMS / MMS, look at your contacts, view your call logs and more from any browser. Now, photos and videos -- along with an indicator and notifications regarding your phone's battery life -- are getting thrown into the mix as well. You can auto-upload (over WiFi and data, though you can opt out of the latter) your multimedia as you capture them, and once it arrives on the web app, it's easily downloadable or shareable, depending on what you want to do.

While the feature is in beta, there's also no limit to how much storage space you use up, and there's no auto-delete function after any amount of time, so feel free to upload to your heart's content. The only setback is that the images are compressed to ease the burden on your bandwidth (and data plan), so you'll want to seek out other services if you need the full enchiladas. MightyText's official statement on the new features is below the break, as is a link to check out their web app.

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We're going well beyond texting -- there's a lot of other things to sync between devices.

Today, we are launching MightyPhoto in beta - it syncs your photos & videos from your phone instantly and securely to your computer (and soon tablet).

Since we already sync SMS, Phone Calls, Contacts between the Phone and user's other devices, adding photo/video sync requires no work on the part of our current users -- it "just works". As users take photos/videos on their Android phone, they show up in real-time on their computer.

Whether you take photos & videos on your phone, tablet, or computer, it should be everywhere, all the time. And it shouldn't be restricted to one company's stack/ecosystem (e.g. Apple).

Don't other apps do this today? Apps like Dropbox do some of this -- they do the sync and backup piece well, but is missing the daily productivity piece. People don't have a reason to "check Dropbox" daily - but they use text messaging every day, almost all the time. Since these users already use MightyText on their computer, tablet, we will give them an awesome photo/video experience tied into their daily habit of texting.

Further, we think the photos syncing and sharing solutions out there aren't working great yet. Nobody really raves about iCloud (for Mac Users)! Photos & Videos would be much more useful if they are part of your daily activity stream -- imagine every photo you take on your phone shows up on the left side of Gmail for very easy consumption and sharing (something we are exploring)

Moreover, sharing photos/videos on the phone is a tedious, multi-step (6 steps to share a single photo on Facebook!) process. To us, it feels like a chore. It can and should be easier -- on all devices.

Finally - the phone is a great device for capturing content, but it's not a good device for publishing/sharing content. If I take video sharing from the phone, in particular, is rarely done -- uploading a video using slow-ish data networks, with poorly compressed video files, on top of the multi-step chore of sharing. Sharing a short video that you took on your phone, but via your computer, with one click, makes a whole lot of sense to us.

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