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Sony SBH50 Bluetooth headset touts NFC and a smart remote (video)


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Sony's Xperia ZR isn't reaching the market all by its lonesome: it's accompanied by a high-end Bluetooth headset, the SBH50. The sequel to the Smart Wireless Headset Pro mostly ups the ante with NFC -- listeners just have to tap the smart remote against their Xperias (or many other NFC-aware devices) to get going. There's still the emphasis on higher-than-usual quality for wireless audio; likewise, the remote continues to preview calls and messages, play FM radio and take the owner's pick of wired headphones. Sony has only committed to launching the SBH50 "soon" and hasn't mentioned prices, but we'd use the previous headset's $150 price as a rough benchmark. Catch Sony's overview video after the break.

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