Stiq Figures, May 20 - 26: Cake vs Zombies edition

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Stiq Figures, May 20  26 Cake vs Zombies edition
This week on Stiq Figures, we're licking our chops while ogling a delicious-looking cake brought to the Internet by Reddit user Wiltylock. The cake is for a 4-year-old's birthday, and was decorated to resemble a level from PopCap's Plants vs Zombies.

We've seen many delectable cakes in our day, but we've never seen one we want to play and not eat. Who are we kidding? We want to eat it, too.

3DS LL: 40,651 [UP] 16,528 (68.52%)
3DS: 14,059 [UP] 1,058 (8.14%)
PS3: 13,318 [UP] 2,370 (21.65%)
Vita: 12,171 [UP] 1,240 (11.34%)
PSP: 5,749 [DOWN] 775 (11.88%)
Wii U: 5,648 [DOWN] 389 (6.44%)
Wii: 1,192 [UP] 49 (4.29%)
Xbox 360: 382 [UP] 33 (9.46%)

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