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Acer shows off Aspire R7 Star Trek edition, we go eyes-on at Computex

Zach Honig

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No, we're not making this up. We've always thought the Aspire R7 bore an uncanny resemblance to the USS Enterprise, and now it appears that Acer's officially in on the fun, too. Our friends at Engadget Chinese stumbled upon a new version of the starship-esque convertible at Acer's Computex booth today -- the company manufactured just 25 of these special-edition notebooks, one of which it plans to offer up on eBay from June 14th through the 24th, with all proceeds going to charity. This variant is unique enough for us to look past the device's shortcomings, and perhaps place a bid of our own. Star Trek (and industrial design) fans can get their fix in the eyes-on gallery just below.

Gallery: Acer Aspire R7 Star Trek edition eyes-on | 8 Photos

Sanji Feng contributed to this report.

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