Latest leak suggest Nokia EOS PureView to pack 41MP camera, possible variant also spotted

We gotta say, originally we weren't very confident in the above alleged spy shots of the rumored Nokia EOS smartphone, but after talking to the leakster from Sina Weibo, we think we got this figured out. First of all, there are two parts here: the paint-less camera cover plate that now says "41 MEGA PIXEL" -- the same camera resolution featured on the 808 PureView -- instead of "XX MEGA PIXEL," and a metallic chassis of the EOS phone. But the latter (pictured center and right) looks slightly different to the other leaks we've come across so far: the bump is significantly smaller, and the holes inside don't match the ones on the cover plate. If you look even closer, the pin hole for what seems to be a SIM slot at the top is now on the other side of the slot.

Judging by his background and track record so far (he claims he also leaked the red EOS factory photos), we have reason to believe that this leakster does have a good source on the factory floor. Hence our two assumptions: either this chassis is an early engineering sample, or that this is a metallic variant of the plastic EOS. You know, like what the Lumia 925 is to the Lumia 920. We've been promised a few more photos in the coming days, and hopefully they'll unravel more mystery before Nokia lets the cat out of the bag next month.

Update: The same leakster posted another photo today on Sina Weibo (login required), this time showing an earlier version of the camera cover painted in two colors: silver and black. Image embedded after the break.

Latest leak suggests Nokia EOS to pack 41MP camera, possible metallic variant also spotted