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Olloclip adds a telephoto lens to the family


Olloclip has been a favorite solution for many iPhone owners when it comes to enhancing digital photography with the Apple device. The company's clip-on lens solution features a macro lens, a fisheye lens and a wide-angle lens. While those lenses are fine for landscapes and detail photography, one piece of glass has been missing from the Olloclip line -- a telephoto lens. Today Olloclip announced a pair of 2x telephoto lenses (both US$99.99), one model that works with the iPhone 5 and the other with the iPhone 4/4S and the last two generations of iPod touch.

Also included with the telephoto lens is a circular polarization lens (CPL) that, when rotated, blocks unwanted light reflections and makes colors appear closer to what the eye actually sees. The CPL can also be used without a lens or with the fisheye and wide-angle lenses. The telephoto is made with a high-quality aluminum body and precision ground glass optics.

You can expect to see the Olloclip telephoto lens in Apple Stores later this month, and in Best Buy stores in August.