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Sprint Unlimited, My Way and All-in plans now official, arrive tomorrow

Zachary Lutz

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Sprint's latest take on unlimited mobile service is now official, and like rumors had suggested, the new plan arrives tomorrow. Known as Unlimited, My Way, the service combines unlimited talk, text and data for $80 per month for a single-line subscription. The new pricing tiers also include multiple line discounts, and the ability to combine feature phones and smartphones under the same umbrella. The My All-in plan is also on deck for arrival tomorrow, which runs $110 and adds 5GB of mobile hotspot usage on top of the Unlimited, My Way plan. Perhaps just as importantly, Sprint's latest offering also includes a promise from the carrier known as the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee... which according to Dan Hesse, "Allows our customers to lock-in unlimited talk, text and data not for just the next two years, but for life." Naturally, the caveat here is that prices may increase over the years, but it's certainly a more dependable approach than you'll find from the larger carriers.

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Sprint Launches Unlimited Guarantee and New Unlimited, My Way Plan

Sprint the Only National Carrier to Guarantee Unlimited Talk – All Calls to Wireline and Mobile Phones – Text and Data for Life

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), July 11, 2013 - Sprint (NYSE: S), the long-time leader in offering unlimited wireless services, is launching The Sprint Unlimited GuaranteeSM. The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee guarantees customers unlimited talk (calls to any wireline or mobile phone), text and data while on the Sprint network, for the life of the line of service. This guarantee is applicable to both new and existing customers who sign up for Sprint's new Unlimited, My WaySM plan or My All-inSM plan. These plans and The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee are available starting July 12.

"Sprint continues to lead the industry in providing customers with simplicity and value," Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said. "The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee allows our customers to lock-in unlimited talk, text and data not for just the next two years, but for life. Sprint customers won't have to worry about their wireless bill or managing their family's wireless usage. While other wireless providers are moving away from unlimited service, Sprint champions it."

The new Unlimited, My Way and My All-in rate plans feature unlimited talk, text and data while on the Sprint network for as little as $80 per month. With the Unlimited, My Way plan, Sprint customers can also customize their wireless plan to meet their family's needs, including mixing smartphones and basic phones, selecting their data options, and adding up to 10 lines all on the same account. As customers add additional lines to their account, the more they can save on each line every month. For example, on lines four to 10, customers can get unlimited talk, text and data for as little as $50 per month.

The Unlimited, My Way plan can offer customers a significant savings when compared to competitor's capped data plans. For example, smartphone customers can save $20 per month vs. Verizon's comparable plan with only 2GB of data.

How the Unlimited, My Way Plan Works:

Customers first select the number of lines; all lines come with unlimited talk to any wireline or mobile phone and text.

Customers then choose their data for each line: $30/month for unlimited data on smartphones or $10/month for unlimited data on basic phones. Additional options include $20 for 1GB of data on smartphones or basic phone users can choose not to add data to their account.

Customers also have the choice to activate mobile hotspot functionality on their smartphone for $10 per month for 1GB of data on the Sprint network.

"As additional lines are added to the account, customers will see significant monthly savings," said Hesse. "The Sprint Unlimited, My Way plan makes it easy for families to tailor plans to meet their wireless needs, making Sprint the clear choice for families."

My All-In Plan

In addition, Sprint is offering smartphone customers the My All-in plan with unlimited talk, text and data while on the Sprint network and 5GB mobile hotspot usage for $1103.

How The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee Works:

All customers on an Unlimited, My Way plan or a My All-in plan will have unlimited talk and text guaranteed for the life of the line of service.
Customers who select unlimited data on an Unlimited, My Way plan or a My All-in plan will have unlimited data guaranteed for the life of the line of service.

The guarantee will apply to customers as long as they remain on the plan, meet the terms and conditions of the plan and pay their bill in full and on-time.

The guarantee is non-transferrable.

Competitive Information

Sprint continues to offer one of the best values in wireless with its new Unlimited, My Way and My All-in plans. With Sprint, smartphone customers who choose unlimited data without worrying about surprises on their monthly bills from data overage charges as they likely do with shared data plans from AT&T and Verizon. Sprint customers also will see significant yearly savings compared to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile with the new Unlimited, My Way plan.


Sprint now offers 4G LTE service in 110 markets, including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles. Many Sprint customers are discovering Sprint 4G LTE in cities that haven't yet officially been announced, including Washington, D.C., New York and San Francisco. Sprint expects to provide 200 million people with LTE by the end of 2013. For the most current maps, please visit


The new pricing is available beginning July 12 to new and existing Sprint customers. Existing customers can switch to a new plan without extending their contract. New line activations require a two-year agreement per line (taxes and surcharges excluded). For more information visit

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