Gazillion trumpets 15 million registered Marvel Heroes users
I have a confession to make. I once registered as a Marvel Heroes user. This was before I confirmed my initial suspicion that the game wasn't my cup of tea, and it was motivated in large part by the fact that I cover many games that aren't my cup of tea for a living.

My reason for telling you that I'm a registered Marvel Heroes user is because Gazillion is also telling you something about registered users in its latest press release. Specifically, the company is crowing about the fact that its game has 1.5 million of them. What it's not saying is how many of those users, like me, have never spent and will never spend a) any money on the product and b) any time playing it.

But, hey, 1.5 million is a big number!

Gazillion also announced that the game's new Asgard zone will release this Fall. Finally, a series of planned summer updates will include PvP and endgame additions, a new tier of "ultimate" items, and a new currency.

[Source: Gazillion press release]

This article was originally published on Massively.
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