Scoped and dropped, apparently.
Each of the warzone maps in Star Wars: The Old Republic has the same basic focus: Clear the objectives to win. There are no maps that just pit players against one another in a straight fight to the death. Patch 2.4 is going to change that with the addition of the new warzone arenas, a new type of map that puts two teams of four into a map with the simple goal of being the only team left standing.

Each arena match consists of three rounds, with both teams receiving a full resurrection and cooldown restoration after winning or losing a round. The first team to defeat the other team twice is the victor. If one side wants to just wait out the clock, there's also a sudden death timer that forces players to get into the fight. Read all about the map formats and some of the new queueing mechanics for PvP in the latest development blog.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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