Ubi Interactive, not to be confused with gaming publisher and developer Ubisoft, has released software called Ubi that's capable of turning any projected surface into a touchscreen with help from Microsoft's Kinect for Windows, CNET reported last week.

Ubi works with the Windows 8 operating system to evolve projected displays into interactive touchscreens by incorporating Kinect for Windows. Walls, desks, tables -- any portion of a room can be translated into an Angry Birds battlefield so long as it's "visible to the depth sensor camera in the Kinect," Ubi's FAQ states.

The basic, single-touch compatible Ubi software for a 45" display costs $150. Those gunning for a 100" display can pay $380 for a single-touch compatible professional license, while a business license supports two touch-point displays for $800. If you're not fooling around, the enterprise license supports a 100" display and 20 touch points for $1500. Every version of Ubi includes a year of free updates.

Ubi only supports the Windows 8 operating system and is currently not compatible with Kinect for Xbox. Still, we can't help but daydream about incorporating Ubi into Microsoft's IllumiRoom technology so we can attach a more literal meaning to the phrase "game room." If your interest is sparked by the possibilities, you can order Ubi here.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.