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Target's Brightspot mobile service launches Sunday, starts at $35 per month

Zachary Lutz

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Ever tenacious retailer Target is once again nipping at Walmart's heels. Following the introduction of its Target Ticket video-on-demand service -- a direct competitor to Vudu -- the big box chain is now looking to get into the prepaid phone business with a service known as Brightspot. The MVNO is set to launch on October 6th, which will use T-Mobile's network and serve as Target's answer to Straight Talk. Brightspot will offer two service tiers, one for $35 that includes unlimited talk and text, in addition to a $50 plan that piles on unlimited data with 1GB of high-speed use. While Target's offering is a bit less tempting than Walmart's (which offers 2.5GB of high-speed usage for $45), the bullseye retailer will reward loyal subscribers with a $25 Target gift card for each six months of paid Brightspot service. Consider it one more excuse to kick your costly monthly phone plan to the curb.

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