Target Ticket video-on-demand service exits closed beta, is now open for everyone

We heard whispers just a few weeks ago that Target was about to open up its video-on-demand service to the general public. Turns out, those rumors were on the money: Target Ticket exited its closed beta today, and is now live for anyone to try out. Like Amazon Video on Demand, it offers a mix of movies and TV shows, with a choice of rentals and the option to buy outright. At a cursory glance, too, it looks like all the most popular stuff is included. (All six seasons of Breaking Bad? Check.)

As for pricing, there's no consistent rule here, and we can't totally explain why some shows are more expensive than others, either ($15 for the third season of Downton Abbey seems like a steal, if you ask us). It's the same thing with the movie selections: there are lots of recent titles on tap, with prices generally ranging from $13 to $20. We've included the link below, along with a link to Target's new online-only subscription service for buying the same items over and over again. Unfortunately, though, that last one is limited to baby supplies for the time being, so unless you need to stock up on diapers, there's not much to see there.