What's more retro Mac than MacPaint? It was the application that drew many of us to the joys of Macintosh in 1984, as there was nothing like it on any other platform. The app, which was included on the boot disks, let you do bit-mapped painting in a variety of monochrome patterns. You could even copy and paste your artwork into MacWrite, an incredible advance at the time. Well, now you can enjoy the simple pleasures of MacPaint by visiting the Cloudpaint web page and giving your inner artist a workout.

Cloudpaint is the brainchild of Martin Braun, who gives a polite bow in the About Cloudpaint notes to Mac originals Bill Atkinson (creator of the code for the original application) and Susan Kare (those little icons and artwork). Now enough talk; go out and play with Cloudpaint. You'll be pleased to know that it works on your iPad or iPad mini perfectly.

Hat tip to Dave Mark at the Loop

This article was originally published on Tuaw.