Around Azeroth: Days of swim or sink

Around Azeroth Days of swim or sink SATURDAY
Urgh, water in video games. I still get facial twitches when thinking about underwater levels. (Thanks, Mario games! And the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time! And the freaking electric seaweed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which I had completely forgotten about until Googling 'worst water levels' for this article!) World of Warcraft is pretty forgiving with its water levels, with all the buffs and air bubbles and underwater breathing potions available, but accidents do happen. Like dying in a shallow, filthy sewer while pulling Durumu. Sure, it's more likely that he got killed by the boss than drowned two feet from the surface, but that's still no way for a hero to go. (Thanks to submitter Granficus of Crazy Drunkens on Pozzo dell'Eternità [EU-A] for the screenshot!)
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