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EX1 prints circuits on paper, cloth, almost anything you can imagine


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Printing a circuit isn't exactly a new idea. In fact, researchers have been putting down silver nano particles using a process similar to ink-jet printing for years. Heck, you can even hack your existing desktop unit to do the same thing with about $300 in components. Still, a retail-ready circuit printing machine has so far managed to elude us. That's where the EX¹ hopes to make its mark. With most of the early bird specials already gone, you'll have to pledge at least $1,499 to its Kickstarter campaign to get one, which puts it firmly in prosumer territory. (And that's just for the version that requires some assembly.) But there's no denying the allure. The EX¹ uses two different "ink" cartridges to lay down layers of material that will form lines of silver nano particles. And, thanks to its flatbed design, you can print your customized circuits on anything from standard PCBs, to cloth, wood or even paper.

The company has even built a custom software suite that simplifies the printing process. You can simply import an image of a circuit and hit print (they're pretty easy to find with a Google Image Search). Or, if you're feeling more adventurous, you can sketch out the circuit yourself and take control of all the printing variables. The EX¹ has already doubled its funding goal with four weeks left in its campaign. If you're interested and have the cash hit up the source to pledge your support. But be advised, you'll need to be patient -- the estimated shipping date is currently July of 2014. (And we all know how good a track record Kickstarter campaigns have at meeting shipping targets.) Before you go, make sure to check out the video after the break.

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