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It's Tuesday and time for the Engadget HD Podcast. We hope you'll join us live when the Engadget HD podcast starts recording at 8:30PM. Tonight we have lots of Xbox One and PS4 news, so if you have questions about the new consoles, this is the place to get them in. If you'll be joining us, take a peek at the topics after the break -- then do everything else you'll need to do in order to be ready to participate in the live chat.

The seven big little details we love about the PlayStation 4 (so far)
You can't wake the PlayStation 4 with voice commands, but you can shut it off
Sony now lets you buy digital PlayStation games from Amazon and other retailers
Sony details 11 PS4 entertainment apps available at launch, includes the ones you want
Xbox One's first wave of TV apps features Netflix, HBO Go, FiOS, NFL and much more
Unlike the PS4, the Xbox One won't support 3D Blu-ray playback at launch
Early Xbox One delivery reveals 500MB initial update, 17 second startup -- then banned
Microsoft's 12-minute Xbox One demo shows off the dashboard, Kinect and apps
Here are five especially neat things the Xbox One can do
Roku will start streaming ESPN and Disney Channel content later this month
Netflix comes to Virgin Media TiVo boxes with free six month bundles
Pioneer to start building TVs again, but not plasmas
Hisense's 55-inch 4K Smart TV priced at $2,000
Seiki brings a $1,500 55-inch 4K set to Sears stores
Simple.TV's second-gen DVR streams to mobile apps, ships December 12th for $249
TiVo Stream update brings TV to mobile devices, even away from home
Star Wars: Episode VII launch date confirmed for December 18th 2015
Must See HDTV (November 11th - 17th)

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